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Later this month, Agender Chat is launching a Patreon page!

What is Patreon?

Patreon connects content creators with ongoing financial support from everyday people who are fans of their work. Anyone can become a “patron” by pledging a monthly donation (of any size, starting from $1 per month) to a creator they want to support, and Patreon handles the transactions securely through their website. Patrons can edit or delete their pledges at any time.

Learn more about how Patreon works here

The Agender Chat blog and Discord server will always be free. Giving via Patreon will be totally optional.

We’re seeking financial support to help us sustain, expand, and grow our community, but we know that not everyone has the financial means to become a patron. It’s very important to us to be welcoming and inclusive of everyone. If you are able and willing to help us financially, thank you so, so much. If you’re not able to give, please don’t worry – your likes, reblogs, follows, submissions, and participation in chat are wonderful gifts to us, too. 

Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming launch!

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i lost my glasses so i cant find much of anything right now


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@ anon, it’s really no trouble don’t worry about it! It’s on the list of requests.

@ anon, it’s really no trouble don’t worry about it! It’s on the list of requests.

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Spooky Nebularian anon again, I’ll resend the request through on anon once requests open up again. Hope your day’s been great!

You can resend it now or later it’s your choice! Because I still have it in the inbox it’s ok for you to resend it. I’ll just delete the one that’s off anon once you resend it. Have a good day!

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transkidpride:[[protect trans kids of color]] [[do not leave…


[[protect trans kids of color]]

[[do not leave trans kids of color out of your activism]]

[[protect trans kids of color]]

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Moodboard requests are closed!

Wow we have a lot now, but it’s been just over 24 hours so we’re closing them.

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posi–thoughts:If you are transgender you are so valid and loved please remember that


If you are transgender you are so valid and loved please remember that

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End of Chat Hours

Chat hours are officially finished for now. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting each other!

Remember, Agender Chat on Discord is open 24/7/365, so stop by anytime! Or, check out the calendar to find more chat hours – our busiest times.

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i just moved to a different city and i cant find it in any of my boxes i might have forgotten it


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