So how come you will do hogwarts houses but not eevee? The houses are part of the harry potter fandom. (Not the original anon)

So we answered this question a couple months ago and got into some discourse, but basically hogwarts houses are widely known enough that it’s very easy to do them just by searching up ‘ravenclaw’ you can find hundreds of aesthetic images to use and just pick the ones you want. Before we started this rule we did hogwarts house and after the rule they kept coming in. We only instituted the rule becuase we were getting requests for animes and obscure characters we could not accomplish. 

Here’s what I replied to the last anon who asked about this:

“I feel like hogwarts houses have become a thing that everyone knows what they are and what they mean, sometimes even if you haven’t read Harry Potter. If you requested a general Harry Potter moodboard, we wouldn’t do it, but we do houses mostly because (A) everyone knows them and (B) we did some before the no fandom rule was instituted and they kept getting requested. I don’t really feel like they’re really a fandom request, but I do agree that they’re right on the line.” 

Also, we didn’t list hogwarts houses on the list of things we wouldn’t do. It included tv shows, movies, and characters but not houses, so yeah.