Would you reblog my blackout post if i tagged …

Would you reblog my blackout post if i tagged you in it?

Hi anon – thanks for the ask! Short answer: Maybe. More detailed answer below.

Generally, we only share personal positivity posts (selfies and submitted messages, art, etc.) on Sundays. However, blackout is special and runs on its own timetable. If you’re an agender person who would like us to boost your personal blackout post today, we’d love to do that for you. 

Couple of caveats though: Tagging us in a post unfortunately does not guarantee that we see it (Agender Chat receives quite a few notes, so sometimes things get lost/buried). For this reason, I always recommend making a submission rather than tagging, if your goal is for us to share your content.

If you really want us to reblog an existing post (instead of making a new one), you can submit a link to that post.

Or, if you just want to call our attention to something, a message/ask/other contact method is great (like you’ve already done). The submission guidelines are more geared toward our weekly Selfie Sunday event, but please read them anyway – we only share content that is positive, all-ages-friendly, and related to our community (broadly defined). Hope this helps!