Calling Non-binary peeps! I am doing a non-binary study for my individual research project and would appreciate iv you could take my survey!

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If you and any other non-binary / lgbtq+ blogs could share this I would appreciate it!

Best of luck!

I would like to make a couple of very minor suggestions. I answered all questions to the best of my ability, however, two stuck out to me. First, I have stopped avoiding public bathrooms as a result of medical complications. As such, I answered “do not avoid” and “yes, avoidance cause problems.” it might be somewhat helpful to clarify whether the second question should include problems cause in the past, even if the respondent no longer avoids bathrooms, or perhaps a “I used to avoid public bathrooms previously” option would be helpful.

Second, is “no, but I want to medically transition” the correct response to select in a situation where I am medically unable to transition due to chronic illness?

I realize I am on several edge cases here, so I just want to add that it is an otherwise excellent little survey, and I look forward to seeing the results!