Trans folks in the US



If you haven’t legally corrected your name and gender markers, I would highly recommend doing so as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate this. If you’re not sure how to change your documents then this map will walk you through the steps necessary in your state (or the state you were born in). This link breaks down exactly how to change the gender marker on your passport. If finances are preventing you from changing your documents then you can apply for a fee waiver to potentially reduce or eliminate the cost, though this is up to the judge’s discretion. You can also reach out to local or national organizations that provide financial assistance for trans people changing their documents. For example, the Trans Relief Project (national), Name Change Project (Colorado), or Kim and Elise Beaudoin Memorial Name Change Fund (Maine).

I’ve procrastinated this myself and now, nearly 6.5 years into my transition, I’m finally taking the steps to amend my birth certificate.

And a link to a clarifying follow-up ask