How To Lower Your Voice – Tips From a Voice Actor

Okay, so let’s get one thing out of the way now: this is not overnight. You’ll have to discipline yourself to do this for weeks until you get your desired result. After some time it will just come naturally.


Stand against a wall or door with your feet together and heels touching the wall. Stand up STRAIGHT. If your posture is impotent, then this ain’t happening.

(if you can’t stand, sit as straight as you can)


RELAX. Don’t tense up your whole body, especially not your shoulders. This is so easy to do.


Press the back of your neck against the wall (it’s fine if it doesn’t actually touch, we’re just working the muscles)


Start speaking for 10 minutes. Find a magazine, book, article or even recite a monologue if you know any. You’ll notice your voice is already dropping two octaves.


DRINK!! WATER!!!! If you feel your throat scatching or at all painful, STOP!! Take a break! And drink water, no ice.


After ten minutes (or however long you can do) lay down flat. Keep your body straight. Relax your whole body. Try a visualisation where you relax from your feet up into your head. Doing this will give your throats a chance to cool down (it’s still a muscle!!)

**Bonus Tips**

HONEY – it coats your throats and protects it from damage. Use it before and/or after this exercise.

HOT TEA – I suggest ginger, but you can really pick whatever kind you want. As long it’s not coffee.


A CORK – if you’re wanting to go the extra mile, put a cork in your mouth and speak. This helps enunciation and can really help.

DON’T FORCE – if you force your voice to sound low it will sound very artificial

BE PATIENT – It’s gonna take time! Take it as a challenge.

I have tried humming while moving my head, singing to Panic! At The Disco and literally EVERY other thing to lower my voice and this is the only thing that has worked.

Just be safe, don’t hurt yourself!

We had an anon ask about this awhile back! Here’s for you anon. I hope this helps