Neopronuns aren’t valid and damage the trans community. Discuss? 

How do you even get to this conclusion….neopronouns have been used for decades and yet we’re doing fine

Neopronouns haven’t been used for decades?? They’re all new and created on tumblr??

Hfjdjdbdhsj maybe do some research before making stupid statements

Xe/xem/xyr has been used since the early 90s

In 1934-1961 Merriam-Webster’s included the singular gender neutral pronoun ‘thon’

In 1991, Kelly Ann Sippell provided an extensive list of gender-neutral third-person singular pronouns that had been proposed over the previous hundred and fifty years. This list included, but was not limited to, hes, hiser, hem, ons, e, heer, he’er, hesh, se, heesh, herim, co, tey, per, na, en, herm, em, hir, and shey.

“Within the 19th century, pronouns such as ip, co, xie, per, en, ne, thon, le, hiser, ey, ho po, heshe, ze, heesh, bun, bunself, ey, and xe, had been introduced for non-binary representation.”

[source] [source] [source]

Adding on to this, Spivak pronouns (e/em/eir, e/em/es or ey/em/eir) were first recorded used in 1890 in response to ‘thon’ as a neutral. [source] and if that isnt enough to get thru ur thick truscum skulls and you want more, the wikipedia page for spivak pronouns is well sourced and provides a lot of good information! [source

Neopronouns have existed for over a hundred years and haven’t “harmed the community” in the slightest, you just want to convince yourselves that respectability politics will make you less oppressed even though history has shown that it only makes you and everyone around you even more miserable

cis bootlickers are more harmful to the community than neo-pronouns ever even theoretically could be

Bun/bunself was created at around the same time as Spovak pronouns for the same reason too