hey! help me move my boyfriend out of an abusi…



so as some of you may know, i just moved into a new place a few weeks ago to get away from some abusive folks and situations. now i wanna help my boyfriend do the same! he’s living with his mother and sister in colorado, and both of them are emotionally, verbally, and financially abusive. he and i have been together for well over a year now and i want him to be able to break free from the abuse and get the love he deserves <3

the first bit of help we need is someone in colorado who wso ould be able to pick him up and give him a ride to a greyhound station so he can just bus all the way to indiana and move in quickly and easily. so if you or someone you know could provide such a ride then please contact me. my number is 8123612867 for a quick way to do so.

last but not least, adam is gonna need some money not only for the ticket and the ride here but also just being able to get settled in and find a job without worrying about where his next meal will come from and how he’s gonna pay his portion of the rent. in total i’ve calculated that he will need about $700 to make this all workout. so if you can afford to donate please do, and if you can’t that’s quite alright, just reblog to spread the word so that we can get more donations and possibly find a ride for him. thank you so much everyone!!!


$dingusmyers on cashapp



we still really need your help folks! we need to come up with the money by next week so we can get him out!