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So, you wanna wear your cool pants with your cool shoes.

Your pants have a super cool print and you wanna wear em with some bitchin boots, but the problem is, even though they fit fine, they do this with the boots:

So you’re like, okay, cool, I’ll just cuff them, but then you realize you can’t because they look like this on the inside:

So now you’re like aw man what do I do?? I want the cuff to match the pants but they won’t 🙁

Step 1! Fold the hem up about to here, make sure the fold is crisp and clean all the way around:

Step 2! Fold the white part up again so it’s the same width as the original hem, keeping it crispy:

Step 3! Fold that original hem down and over, and you guessed it, crispy again:

You have now created a cuff that matches the rest of your pants! Now go, wear your stompy boots with funky pants and be gay


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There is no such thing as a genderfluid look!

You can look completely feminine and still be genderfluid!

You can look completely androgynous and still be genderfluid!

You can look completely masculine and still be genderfluid!

You don’t have to have dyed hair, only androgynous clothes, short hair, a flat chest, etc. to be genderfluid!

You are genderfluid! You don’t need to dress a certain way to prove that you are!


“Prep Goth”

Lia and Odette Pavlova by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine, June/July 2016

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They/them pronouns are now acceptable in academic writing!!!