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[Image Description: A green color block with text that reads “how to look agender in two easy steps: one – be agender / two – look however you want”]

congratulations, you have now completed all the steps necessary to achieve the ideal agender look!

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Lee says:

  • The word “transgender” is an umbrella term that covers anyone who identifies as a gender they were not assigned at birth.
  • Both binary people and non-binary people are equally transgender.
  • Being trans without dysphoria is possible.
  • Gender expression ≠ gender identity, as shown on the genderbread person
  • Again, if you don’t fully identify as the gender you were assigned at birth 100% of the time, you can call yourself trans. That’s it, there’s no other criteria you need to meet to be trans.
  • More info: Trans resources masterpost or Ally resources for cis people

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Hey what’s up i want you to know that if someone called you a “fake trans” today, yesterday, or even years ago, just know they’re full of shit. You’re trans and you’re fuckin awesome keep rockin it.


Shoutout to all my my triple A peeps – aromantic, asexual, and agender! I hope all of you are having a lovely day because guess what? You’re all lovely people!:



Agender people are still agender no matter what they look like. Not all agender people look the same!

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[No gender? No problem! / agender people are awesome and amazing / you don’t need to experience gender to be part of the trans community]

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Fave selfies bc I’m cute and so are you 💕



Goddess- Feminine

God- Masculine

Goddla- Neutral

Godden- Neutral



“he or she, his or hers”



what a beautiful day to remember that you don’t have to be androgynous to be agender