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I’m here to tank for all y’all-Mod Zee


this flag gets me


Someone: *using female pronouns*

NB They/Them pronouns Me:


Queer Pronouns Sticker Set ♡ ruillustration

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Someone: If you could have any one super power what w-

Trans and nb people:


Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the fact that you, a nonbinary person, are able to exist despite everything that society has done to erase you.

You are a gift that the world was determined to give.


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When someone writes “GLBT” instead of “LGBT”

When someone says “LGB” to something that can easily apply to the T as well

When someone says “BLT” instead of “LGBT”


what are you?




Girl (2018)

There are many resources online about the dangers of binding for FTM guys, but far fewer that address the dangers of tucking.

This film, based on the youth of trans dancer Nora Monsecour and made in collaboration with her, features a young trans girl character tucking with tape in order to pass as a young woman. It is good to see that a film is drawing attention to MTF struggles, and the daily practice of flattening your groin, which can sometimes be very painful.

As an alternative to tape or bandages, I would recommend LeoLines underwear, available through Etsy. There are many reviews by trans women who recommend LeoLines panties and padded bras, and the underwear is so cleverly designed that many women report not even needing to tuck beneath the panties. (Also, as the designer of these products is a trans woman, all the marketing is aimed at trans women, and not crossdressers.)


Please do not flag this post. It is an educational post, intended for transgender girls who may watch this film and be encouraged to tuck unsafely. It is not explicit.

From the perspective of a trans woman whose closet friend is a trans man, I found this post to be extremely valuable information to have.

Very glad you found this post helpful, friend! I’m a transgender man myself, and I have noticed that many online resources are directed at FTM guys like me, whereas information about tucking for trans women is pretty rare to see shared on trans blogs. I can’t speak from experience, but I do want to put in the effort to support my trans sisters 🙂