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I’m afab and don’t feel attached to any gender and started questioning a little while ago. I don’t get dysphoric about my breasts though so am I still agender? I feel more comfortable with they/them pronouns and don’t like doing things because “I’m a girl and I have to”

Hi! Yeah, don’t worry, you’re totally still agender. Despite what some people will tell you, dysphoria/pain/etc. is not a prerequisite for being a/transgender. I mean, it is possible you could be neutrois instead of agender. The two concepts are very closely linked, like siblings. But if you think on it and you go ‘nah, agender–not neutrois’ then that’s totally fine. 


I turned my gender off to save energy

I played hide-and-seek with it when I was little and I never found it.

I used a product meant for a different gender from my original one and it killed my gender, leaving me stronger but with nothing.

I was about to fall victim to the dead lgbt person trope, but at the last second my gender leapt out and took the bullet for me. I held a funeral for it. There were bagpipes and everything.

i lost my gender in a kmart

I put my gender on top of my car when I was loading up and then forgot about it and just drove off.

I sold my gender to the Romans for two pieces of silver

it slipped down the back of the lounge and then i didn't notice it when we moved the lounge and it got vacuumed up.

I got lost in the desert and was forced to eat my gender to survive