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I recently went bleu and I’m also constantly tired


day 81 on T. starting to see that jawline!

A rose for that agender person.

Sam, they/them/theirs. these are my Grand Rapids Pride pics! these are all me and one is my fiancé! I bought like 3 new they/them buttons that day lol

Wait, is it dappled queer or dapper queer?


Hello my name is EZ; I am Not Trans Enough and I don’t care.

To @batcoins and anyone out there wondering if they are “trans enough” – yes, you are. You are worthy, you are valid, you deserve all the love and respect in the world.


First image description: a feminine agender person wearing a tank top. They are using a Snapchat with devil horns and a mask. The captions says “cute as heck”

End description

Hey my name is Rice and I’m a huge nerd

Heading to the queer parents/queer offspring meetup/play date. I had the best makeup there.

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Went out on town to meet friends today, now I’m back at home eating snacks and drinking mineral water.