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there is no such thing as having an identity that is “too specific” pass it on


It’s ok to take on a label/term even if you’re not absolutely certain it’s accurate to who you are.

Sometimes you have to try it on before you know if it’ll fit.

And if you find that it’s not right for you after all, that’s ok.

You don’t ruin all shirts everywhere just because you wore one that didn’t fit for a time.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your identity isn’t valid because your label is “made up”. All words are made up!

If your label makes sense to you, use it. Everyone else will catch up in time. 


Your identity is always valid, no matter how long you are questioning or how much it changes.


You are not faking your gender. You know yourself best. It’s ok to be confused. It’s ok to not know. It’s your journey. You can move at your own pace.


[Image Description: A vertical row of four color blocks in varying shades of orange with text that reads “questioning does not have a time frame” / “there’s no rush to find a label” / “don’t feel pressured to figure it all out now” / “take all the time you need”]


people who use more obscure labels for their gender are amazing! i’m so happy you found a term that matches your experience! no matter how unheard of it may be, if you think it fits you, it’s valid and wonderful! please, have a beautiful day!


There’s no such thing an identity that’s too complex or too simple. Your identity is yours and you are allowed to identify however feels the most comfortable to you.


i mean a huge part of lgbt culture is the whole “it’s not a phase” and “i’m not confused" thing but that’s just not really true y’know?

like here’s to the people that have gone through countless labels, and still can’t find one that fits
here’s to the people that have declared a label, but then realized that label might not be accurate
here’s to the people that have to come out 1,000 times because their identity is constantly changing
here’s to the people who are confused, and have gone through phases. you’re real and you’re valid.

i love all of you. you don’t have to have everything figured out to be lgbt


shoutout to nonbinary people who only use the word nonbinary to label their identity! there’s nothing wrong with being just nonbinary or using nonbinary as your main label rather than as just an umbrella term! 💙💙