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Defining LBGTQ+ Terms:


Hi friends! I’m collecting informal definitions of LGBTQ+ terminology to help curious gaybies and allies!

Pls help me out by picking a word and telling me what it means to you and/or where it came from. These words can be anything! WLW, sapphic, nb, fag – words you use, words you don’t use – just explain why.

The goal is to see what people define the most, and to get multiple definitions for some words, so don’t stress about which words are already defined.

ty for your help!! <3 and spread the word (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Help them out. This is a cool idea ♡

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We’re so glad you’re here. To get the most out of Agender Chat, here’s some info about how we do things (under a cut for length):

P.S. Longtime followers and current chat members might want to skim through this, too. Agender Chat is always growing!

Chat Stuff:

How Discord Chat Works
The Agender Chat Discord Channel is always open, 24/7/365, for live chat. You do not need a Discord account to use it. You can run Discord in your web browser or download the Discord client to your computer or mobile device.

When you click the link to join, you will be sent to the #welcome-circle channel. You automatically can read the messages in #announcements and review the #rules channel. However, for access to view and type in our #main-chat or listen/talk in our voice channel (i.e. to contribute and participate), you need to reach out to a Moderator via private message (PM) first. You’ll see their names listed on the right hand side in the #welcome-circle. If no Owners or Moderators are online when you join – we’re sorry. Please try again later or come back during chat hours!

Chat Hours
We offer organized times throughout the week when you can be sure there are people in chat – including at least one Moderator. These are the best opportunities to join chat for the first time. We begin each session with our weekly topic, but that is meant as a conversation starter, not a limitation. Also, while it is common to discuss our personal experiences and identities, nobody is required to talk or share if they would rather not. Feel free to suggest topics!

Check out our calendar page for the current schedule and upcoming topics. You can even add our Google calendar to your own account to help remind you.

Chat Rules
Agender Chat is open to everyone. Since we welcome all ages, please keep your discussion content roughly PG-13. Remember that you can always use the private message (PM) feature if you want to. Full rules available here.

Blog Stuff:

Agender Selfie Sunday
On Sundays (relative to USA time zones), we post submissions from our followers to the blog and reblog awesome agender content. Feel free to share a selfie, a photo of your pet, your recent art project, positivity messages, etc. Send in your submission anytime, and you’ll see it appear on the blog on a Sunday!

We have a resources page. From there you can navigate to crisis help, our Gender FAQ, past answered asks by topic, positivity posts, and so on. If there’s a certain resource you would like to see more of, please let us know!

Social Media
We’re on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to connect with us!

Questions or Feedback? 
Check out our community info page, or contact us.

Thank you for following and enjoy your stay!

all sexual orientations are valid
all gender identities are valid
pride is for everyone
yes, that includes you