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Hey everyone we need your help! 

Spectrum Outfitters is a new company (Est 2017) which will be launching a short binder in February. Currently the resources for trans and non-binary people are usually from America which means that European people have to wait a long time, pay expensive postage fees and pay EU customs charges. WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE THAT. If you are from the UK or a European country  or have followers that are please reblog this so that your trans and non-binary followers can see that this is an option for them so that they can bind safely without waiting or paying outrageous excesses. The more people that see this, the more we can sell, which means we will be able to provide more options and colours and sizes so that lots of different types of people and body types in Europe can benefit from this.


Top of the range fabrics: Our outer fabric was used in team GB’s Cycling shorts by Adidas with Stella McCartney for the Rio Olympics. It is a high performance fabric designed to breathe and allow comfort when sweating and moving while maintaining compression. It is also suitable to swim in! There are two more top of the line fabrics used to create superior compression and to stop it stretching over time.

Royal Mail Postage: Your binder will arrive quickly and cheaply using your choice of postage selection 1st/2nd class mail. We will ship internationally using this service.

Tried and tested: We are confident in the performance of this binder which has been reviewed by Jake Edwards. We will be reviewed by some very popular YouTubers within the next month so you can see for yourselves

message us if you have any questions 🙂



I think we can all agree that it’s nice to see yourself and people like you in media. It’s also great to hear the experiences and knowledge of others. So, here’s a big ass list of YouTube a-specs! 

The descriptions for each channel are pretty much just copied and pasted from their channel descriptions. Unless they didn’t have a description, in which case I just wrote ‘vlogger’.

Please note: All the content of the channels below might or might not reflect the views or opinions of this blog or it’s moderators. Nor is all of it safe for work or free of problematic elements. Please use your own desecration. Enjoy!

En Español 

Archive channels:

  • Asexual Media Archives: An archive channel, collecting all things asexual. Features videos in different languages, including Spanish, Finnish, and German
  • Aces Wild: Aces Wild is a YouTube Channel reporting on news and updates within the Asexual Community, along with informational videos and the occasional joke; Tumblr, Twitter

Beefcake Swimwear: Androgynous swimsuits with 1920s style:



Beefcake Swimwear is finally available to buy outside of the kickstarter! I would like one in each style, please.


This still-super-small business currently only ships within the USA, but they’re hoping to expand soon! Check them out!


Don’t miss out on our biggest sale ever! All binders are 15% off, and are eligible for free expedited worldwide shipping with newsletter signup 🛫🗺️ Visit and enter your email address to get the deal!

9 Tips For Chest Binding As A Plus Size Person

Agender Chat is creating community, resources archive. | Patreon:

Big news! Our Patreon page is live! Check it out. 🙂

These 7 Assumptions About Non-Binary Folks May Be Hindering Your Trans Allyship – Everyday Feminism:

“How many times do I gotta tell you about my agender siblings?“ <3

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