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Nonbinary pals, you are all doing so wonderful!!!

Here’s What Older Trans And Nonbinary People Want You To Know: undefined


hhhhi nonbinary people don’t have to look androgynous thanks


(Image description: the background is a neon rainbow heart, white text says “your gender is beautiful”. End image description.)


[Image Description: A picture of three people standing under a pink-leafed tree with their backs facing the camera, each wearing patterned pink and white headscarves, with text over the image that reads “support nonbinary people who wear headscarves”]


here’s to nonbinary people who are unsure 

to nonbinary people who don’t know how exactly they want to present

to nonbinary people who are only starting to think of themselves as nonbinary

to nonbinary people who don’t know what their future will be like because of their gender

to nonbinary people who don’t know who they are and their gender only makes it more confusing 

to nonbinary people who can’t pick a name or decide which pronouns they want to use 

to nonbinary people who are afraid and uncomfortable:

you’re not alone, many of us have been through this or are going through this, it’s okay to feel confused and uncomfortable, it’s not because you’re faking it, it will get better


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If you’re nonbinary, no matter how you present yourself or appear to others, you’re looking very nonbinary today.


You do not have to experience a specific kind of dysphoria to be trans, or nonbinary, or agender. You don’t have to experience dysphoria at all.

You can experience physical dysphoria, or social dysphoria, or both. You can experience gender euphoria instead. You can experience all, or none.

There is no imaginary checklist with requirements you must meet in order to get your “[x] enough” card.


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