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if you’re agender and use she/her pronouns, you aren’t using the wrong pronouns.

if you’re agender and use he/him pronouns, you aren’t using the wrong pronouns.

if you’re agender and use pronouns other than they/them, you aren’t using the wrong pronouns.

your pronouns are your choice. 💚 



Shoutout to any trans friends that’ll be misgendered by family during this holiday season. You’re strong and you’ll get through this. I love you and wish you the best.



(Image description: text in the colors of the trans flag which says “the world is a better place because you exist” on a black background. End image description.)



(Image description: the background is a neon rainbow heart, white text says “your gender is beautiful”. End image description.)



the most important person to be out to is yourself

if you’re not out to anyone else bc it’s not safe, or you’re not ready, or you just don’t want to that’s ok

it does not change who you are

coming out is a very personal thing

ultimately it’s about you, and you have to decide what’s right for yourself and what will keep you safe

maybe you’re out to a couple of close friends, maybe just your parents, maybe everyone but your parents, maybe you’re just out to yourself and that’s enough

whether you are out to a hundred people or none

you are brave and amazing beyond measure and you deserve to be celebrated

happy national coming out day!

National Coming Out Day


As most of you probably know, Oct 11 is National Coming Out Day and I just want to give a friendly reminder that even with tomorrow being the day it is, you are under no obligation to come out. 

It’s perfectly okay if you want to, planned or not, and if you do I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a large support network! 

If you don’t want to come out, whether it’s because of an unsafe environment, you don’t feel ready, or what have you– it’s okay to not come out! Your comfort and safety are important things to consider. 

So, no matter what you decide– to come out or stay in the closet for just a while longer– I support you and wish you comfort and safety either way <3

nonbinarypastels: [Image Description: A pictur…


[Image Description: A picture of three people standing under a pink-leafed tree with their backs facing the camera, each wearing patterned pink and white headscarves, with text over the image that reads “support nonbinary people who wear headscarves”]



Closeted trans people are still trans. They are still the gender they identify as, even if they don’t do so openly.



here’s to nonbinary people who are unsure 

to nonbinary people who don’t know how exactly they want to present

to nonbinary people who are only starting to think of themselves as nonbinary

to nonbinary people who don’t know what their future will be like because of their gender

to nonbinary people who don’t know who they are and their gender only makes it more confusing 

to nonbinary people who can’t pick a name or decide which pronouns they want to use 

to nonbinary people who are afraid and uncomfortable:

you’re not alone, many of us have been through this or are going through this, it’s okay to feel confused and uncomfortable, it’s not because you’re faking it, it will get better



You deserve acceptance and support when you come out.