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Having a complicated relationship with gender is okay!

There’s nothing wrong with never figuring out your gender, or not having a strong internal sense of gender, or a gender that shifts in some way


here’s to nonbinary people who are unsure 

to nonbinary people who don’t know how exactly they want to present

to nonbinary people who are only starting to think of themselves as nonbinary

to nonbinary people who don’t know what their future will be like because of their gender

to nonbinary people who don’t know who they are and their gender only makes it more confusing 

to nonbinary people who can’t pick a name or decide which pronouns they want to use 

to nonbinary people who are afraid and uncomfortable:

you’re not alone, many of us have been through this or are going through this, it’s okay to feel confused and uncomfortable, it’s not because you’re faking it, it will get better


People who realize they’re trans later in life are just as valid as those who do when they’re younger!


It’s ok to take on a label/term even if you’re not absolutely certain it’s accurate to who you are.

Sometimes you have to try it on before you know if it’ll fit.

And if you find that it’s not right for you after all, that’s ok.

You don’t ruin all shirts everywhere just because you wore one that didn’t fit for a time.


Your identity is always valid, no matter how long you are questioning or how much it changes.


[Image Description: A vertical row of four color blocks in varying shades of orange with text that reads “questioning does not have a time frame” / “there’s no rush to find a label” / “don’t feel pressured to figure it all out now” / “take all the time you need”]


Reminder that you dont have to “prove” your gender in any way

You don’t have to have proof that you really are you, your word is proof enough


Guess what! LGBT+ people who take a while to figure out their orientation/gender identity are rad! Keep it up!


It’s okay not to know exactly who you are or even who you want to be.

You might not have a label or definition for yourself or your gender; you might not even have a clue where to start.

Maybe you have no idea whether starting hrt or having any sort of surgery is in your future. Maybe you don’t know if legally changing your name is something you’d want. Maybe you don’t even know if you ever want to come out to anyone.

Uncertainty is normal. No one wakes up one morning with all the answers. It takes time to figure it all out. Be patient with yourself.


Hey just so u know, if ur questioning ur gender identity then ur totally rad!!! No matter what you end up identifying as, your experiences are totally valid!!!