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Shoutout to any trans friends that’ll be misgendered by family during this holiday season. You’re strong and you’ll get through this. I love you and wish you the best.


(Image description: text in the colors of the trans flag which says “the world is a better place because you exist” on a black background. End image description.)


Your gender identity can change! And that’s 1000% ok! You are still valid!


If you want to keep your birthname, that’s totally alright! Changing name is never a requirement for your identity to be valid. It doesn’t mean you’re “not trans enough” either. Your name is your own, and nobody has a say in it more than you do


Fact #703: You’re not a bad person for feeling hurt when people misgender you by accident. Painful things are painful, even when the people who do them don’t necessarily mean to do you harm.


If you are transgender you are so valid and loved please remember that


be proud of your identity!

Image description: a pastel light pink background with the words “Trans is beautiful” emblazoned in two contrasting fonts, with the letters in colors reminiscent of the transgender pride flag.


(Three images with the trans flag as a background overlaid with text. 1) Trans Rights Are Human Rights. 2) Protect Trans Lives. 3) Trans Identities Are Valid.)


Who’s sweet doggo is this!?


Fact #665: You are not a bad person for avoiding the people who misgender you.