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i hope every transgender person in the world has a nice safe day


Your chosen name is your name. Even if you chose it after a character or a story. Even if you chose it because you liked it better then your birth name. Even if you made it up yourself to fit you, and you only.

Your name is your name. And no one can take it away from you. ?


a monthly reminder that having a period doesn’t make you a girl and that you don’t have to get periods to be a girl


You are not betraying anyone by wanting to change your name, never. Your parents might be attached to it for some reasons, but in the end, you are the one dealing with it everyday and you should absolutely be able to change it if that is what feels best to you.


[Image Description: Two color blocks in a vertical row, the top one bright blue and the bottom one rose red. Both have white text. The text reads “support nonbinary people who previously identified as trans men or trans women” / “support trans men and trans women who previously identified as nonbinary”]


it’s okay to have multiple names.

if you go by one name IRL and another online, that’s okay.

if you have multiple genders and have a name for each, that’s okay.

if you use your birth name in some situations and your chosen name in others, that’s okay.

it’s okay to have multiple names!


Keeping your true gender under wraps due to your job or school does not undermine it.

It’s not your fault that people are bigots. It’s the fault of bigots for putting you in this unfortunate, but completely understandable, situation.

Don’t take responsibility for their hatred.

Take care of your own needs.


Nonbinary people who prefer being called beautiful are beautiful!

Nonbinary people who prefer being called handsome are handsome!

Nonbinary people who prefer traditionally non-gendered compliments are amazing!


Mentally ill trans people with stigmatized disorders are not less valid than other trans people.

Mentally ill trans people shouldn’t have their identities dismissed as just a symptom of mental illness.

Trans people deserve access to mental health treatment with competent providers who will respect their identities.

Trans people deserve access to hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgery even if they are mentally ill.


What a great day to know that trans and non binary people’s gender are 100% what they say it is and that the body they have and the way they present has no effect on their gender whatsoever ✌??