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Today (March 31) is International Transgender Day of Visibility, and I’m sending love to all trans folks today, and always.

Here’s What Older Trans And Nonbinary People Want You To Know: undefined


(Image description: text in the colors of the trans flag which says “the world is a better place because you exist” on a black background. End image description.)


(Image description: the background is a neon rainbow heart, white text says “your gender is beautiful”. End image description.)


Closeted trans people are still trans. They are still the gender they identify as, even if they don’t do so openly.


People who realize they’re trans later in life are just as valid as those who do when they’re younger!


You do not have to experience a specific kind of dysphoria to be trans, or nonbinary, or agender. You don’t have to experience dysphoria at all.

You can experience physical dysphoria, or social dysphoria, or both. You can experience gender euphoria instead. You can experience all, or none.

There is no imaginary checklist with requirements you must meet in order to get your “[x] enough” card.


Happy pride to neurodivergent trans people!

Don’t let anyone tell you that your identity isn’t valid because your label is “made up”. All words are made up!

If your label makes sense to you, use it. Everyone else will catch up in time. 


Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Shoutout to all the trans folks out there—those of you who are out and celebrating today and those of you who aren’t yet ready or able to be so yet, those of you who have well known gender identities and those of you who have identities that are rarely represented, and those of you who are proud to be trans and those of you who are struggling with it!

All trans people deserve to be happy, safe, and supported in their lives and represented in the world! I hope that today is a good day for you and that every day after is wonderful for you, too!